Building & Construction

Building and Construction

The Office of Building and Codes deals with the following topics:

  • Issues building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, etc. permits
  • Property Maintenance Issues that deal with structure or building
    Rental Property Inspection
  • Existing Commercial Building Inspections
  • Commercial/Residential Building Construction Inspections
  • Commercial/Residential Plan Reviews

Useful Information

  • The Loyalsock Township Building Code Official reviews all new building plans and building improvment plans to ensure compliance with UCC and ICC codes. Two sets of plans must be submitted for all construction projects. Commercial plans must be stamped by an architect or engineer.
  • Detached structures that have a building area of 500 square foot or less and are accessory to a single family dwelling do not require a building permit. They will, however require a zoning permit. This will include structures such as a carport, garage, shed, etc.
  • Converting an unfinished basement into a living space will require a building permit.
  • All footing depths must be a minimum of 42″ below grade.
  • Zoning permits may still be required where building permit exemptions exist.  Building exemptions do not apply to floodplain areas.
  • Building Permit Exemptions
  • Before occupying a new residence or business an occupancy permit is required.
    PV Solar Panel permits are priced as follows: $7.00 per panel and a flat fee of $75.00.
  • A $4.50 state fee will be added to all building permits issued.
  • Fire Department Knox Boxes are required for many commercial projects.

Rental & Commercial Properties

In order to insure all rental properties meet the requirments of being safe, sound, and sanitary, a rental inspection is made once every five (5) years.

In order to insure the safety of the public, every existing commercial building is required to be inspected once every three (3) years.

Rental Requirements

Contact Information

David Carson, Building Official
2501 East Third Street
Williamsport, PA 17701
[email protected]
(570) 323-6151

Permit App & Fee Schedule

Construction Permit Application  / PDF Fillable Construction Permit Application

Standard application for all Township Building Permits. In order for a building permit application to be reviewed, the following needs to be filled out regardless of the project:

  • Application Date
  • Permit Type
  • Location (property address)
  • Type of Improvement
  • Estimated Cost of Construction.
  • Owners name & address / Contact Information
  • Needs to be Signed and Date

Building Fee Schedule

***Depending on the project, you may also need to submit a zoning permit application. Click here for a list of projects to determine what permits are needed.

Res/Comm Construction Guide