The Board of Supervisors appoints individuals to provide administrative functions and special expertise to the Township.

Appointed Officials

Township Manager
Bill Burdett

Township Secretary
Sarah Hughes

Assistant Secretary
Penny Ruggieri

Public Works Director
Randy Stover

Emergency Management Coordinator
Frank Pile

Open Records Officer
Bill Burdett


TOWNSHIP MANAGER is the chief administrative officer of the Township and is responsible to the Board as a whole for proper and efficient administration of Township activities. The Township Manager is responsible for oversight of the day-to-day operations, including but not limited to public works, financial management, public information, and planning, coordination with various authorities, boards, committees and commissions, as well as management of Township employees.

TOWNSHIP SECRETARY works under the direction of the Township Manager in day-to-day financial and other operations. The Township Secretary is responsible for meeting minutes, maintenance of the Township’s official records, and maintenance of financial records.

ASSISTANT SECRETARY works under the direction of the Township Manager in day-to-day office operations. The Assistant Secretary is responsible for answering and directing incoming calls as well as visitors, organizing the quarterly township newsletter, handling maintenance for different Township programs, and assisting other departments as necessary.

PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR, referred to in the Second Class Township Code as the “Roadmaster”, is responsible for oversight of township roads, other public infrastructure and recycling. This includes performance of infrastructure maintenance and supervision of the Public Works employees. The Public Works Director reports directly to the Township Manager.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT COORDINATOR (EMC) is the chief coordinator in the event of an emergency. State law requires each municipality to have an EMC and an emergency plan. Emergencies come in all forms, from toxic material spills to weather related catastrophes.

OPEN RECORDS OFFICER receives requests submitted to the Township under the Right-To-Know Law, investigates, directs requests to appropriate persons within the Township as needed and is responsible for appropriately responding to requester in compliance with the Right-To-Know Law.