Public Works

The Public Works Department provides a wide variety of services including maintenance of 68.05+ miles of roadway and right-of-ways, which require paving & patching, shoulder maintenance & grading, snow removal & de-icing, storm sewer & ditch maintenance, street sweeping, sign installation & maintenance, clearing of grass, trees, tree limbs and other vegetation along public rights-of-ways, and recycling. The department also provides building and fleet maintenance for the Township.

If an emergency situation arises outside regular operating hours, such as a tree down blocking the road, landslide or collapse of the pavement in a roadway, please call 911 to report the emergency.

Street Maintenance

Public Works Department is responsible for street paving and patching, shoulder maintenance, stormwater pipe and ditch maintenance, street sweeping, and sign installation and maintenance.

Township typically contracts for large paving and street surface maintenance work.

Tree Trimming

The Loyalsock Township ordinance requires all tree branches be trimmed to a minimum of eight feet above sidewalks and twelve feet above street level, especially if branches are blocking visibility of stop signs or the sight distance at intersections. If you do not keep trees properly trimmed that are located in the township right of way the township crew may trim the ones that do not meet these standards. We do not send letters before doing this work.

Any property owner that has a tree that is not in the township right of way that hangs over the sidewalk or street, and does not meet the height requirements, will be sent a letter letting them know that it needs trimmed. If the work has not been done by the completion date in the letter then the township crew will trim it to our specifications.

When the township trims trees it will trim up higher than the eight or twelve feet needed so that we do not have to go back every year and trim the same trees. In some cases, this upsets the property owner who says the tree was butchered or they weren’t notified. Those who wish to avoid having trees trimmed by township crews must do so themselves or hire a professional service. The township crew and staff seek to keep our streets as safe as possible and your cooperation is appreciated.

Streetlight Maintenance

To report a street light outage call the Township Office at 570-323-6151. Each light pole has a set of numbers on a plate facing the street. Please have these pole numbers and the address where the light is located available when reporting a street light in need of maintenance.

Spring Cleanup

Loyalsock Township will be holding one spring clean-up on Monday, May 20, 2024, to pick up yard waste.  All items must be placed out between the curb and sidewalk PRIOR TO 7:00AM. The crew will only go through the township once during each scheduled collection, so if your items are not out they will NOT go back to pick them up at a later time.

This pick up is for residential properties within the township only. There will be no commercial pick up.

Winter Road Maintenance

Even with a well-considered plan for winter road maintenance, and our hard-working employees, we could improve our service with your help. Please:

  1. Do not park in the street until it is plowed. Pulling your cars into the driveway is a big help;
  2. Do not plow, blow, or shovel snow into the street;
  3. Because we do not repair or replace mailboxes, make sure your mailbox is sturdy enough to withstand a heavy snow being plowed against it;
  4. Clear snow around fire hydrants; and
  5. In the event of heavy snow, observe the odd-even parking requirement (allows parking on the even side of the street on even-numbered days and the odd side on the odd-numbered days).

Even though our crew wants to do its best to clear the 68.05 miles of roads and streets in the Township, we ask you to remember that a severe storm can delay the completion of our clean-up task. Please be patient with us. With your cooperation, we can reduce the stress and increase the success of the snow season.

Prevent re-shoveling after plowing.

On November 23, 2021, the Board adopted Ordinance No. 397 which address parking during winter storms. The ordinance prohibits parking any motor vehicle on Township streets within certain zoning districts in the Township where two inches or more of snow or ice has accumulated. Vehicles cannot be parked back on the street until the until the full width of the street has been plowed.  Click on the link below to read the ordinance in full.