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Free Children's and Senior Theater Cancelled

The Free Children's Theater that was to be held on April 4, 2020 and the Free Senior Theater performance that was to be held on June 14, 2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Ordinance NO. 391 - Signs

Hearing for proposed Ordinance No. 391 - Signs is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14 2020, at 7pm at the Loyalsock Township Office. Due to COVID-19 the Board meetings are currently closed to the Public. All comments for this ordinance should be submitted in writing and will be read at the hearing. Deadline for submitting comments is by 3pm on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Comments can be emailed to garth@loyalsocktownship.org or mailed to 2501 E. Third Street, Williamsport, PA 17701. 

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Lycoming County Recycling Management SVCS

LCRMS suspended its recycling program in Loyalsock Township yesterday, 3/18/20 and effective until 4/1/2020. This date is subject to change, due to changing developments. 

Click here to see the Media Release from LCRMS. 





Loyalsock Township’s policy on leaf collection is to pick up leaves with the leaf vac on township streets that are curbed. All other areas must bag their leaves and need to call the Township Office at 570-323-6151 to have them picked up. Please read over the schedule carefully as we have changed our dates. Rake the leaves into the street along the curb a day or two prior to the date for collection in your area.  Leaves lying in the street for longer periods of time cause a safety hazard as well as clogged storm drains.


AREA 1 (FAXON) – October 28 or 29; November 7 or 8; 19 or 20; December 3 or 4

Northway Road west to Williamsport city line and Third Street north to Four Mile Drive.

AREA 2 (KENMAR) – October 30 or 31; November 11 or 12; 21 or 22; December 5 or 6

Northway Road east to Sycamore Road and Third Street north to Four Mile Drive.

AREA 3 – November 1 or 4; 13 or 14; 25 or 26

HILLSIDE – North of Four Mile Drive from Maddon Road east to Warrensville Road.

SAND HILL – Warrensville Road west to Sand Hill Road and Third Street north to Four Mile Drive.

GREENVIEW DEVELOPMENT – including Konkle Road.

GREENVIEW COMMOMS - including N Konkle Road.




AREA 4 – November 5 or 6; 15 or 18; 27 or December 2

HESHBON AREA – Hays Lane north to Heshbon Street. Also curbed section of Log Run Road.

FIELDS DEVELOPMENT – Poco Farm Road east to Crestfield Drive.

POCO HILLS ESTATES – Poco Farm Road west to Hillsdale Drive.

NORTHWOOD ESTATES – Bloomingrove Road to Williamsport city line.

MAYBEE HILL DEVELOPMENT – Maybee Hill Road south to Dawne Drive.





We may be in areas of the Township during unscheduled times, but we will still stick to the leaf collection schedule. If needed, and weather permitting, we will go back and clean up the remaining leaves immediately following the schedule.



Collection Guidlines

DO NOT ...

      • ... bag leaves.
      • ... mix leaves with brush or sticks.

DO ...

      • ... keep roads and sidewalks free from leaves.
      • ... keep drainage areas free from leaves.

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