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 Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a complaint to the Township?

We ask all residents who wish to make a complaint to fill out a complaint form. The form can be obtained by clicking on the link below. Once you have filled out the form you can either email it to Garth, Township Zoning Officer, at garth@loyalsocktownship.org or you may mail it to the office or drop it off. The Township office's address is 2501 E. Third Street.


Complaint Form_2017.docx



What do I need a building permit for?

See Building and Codes page for a detailed description. 


What don't I need a building or zoning permit for?
You do not need a permit for garage or yard sales; exterior painting; replacing shingles (with no structural change); siding house (with no structural change); replacement windows/doors (same size); seal coat existing driveway; spouting & soffit; carpeting and interior painting. See Building and Codes page for a detailed description.


How much does a permit cost?
Building - See Building and Codes page.

Zoning - $50.00
Driveway - $30.00


What do I need a zoning permit for?

Zoning permits are required for new construction, addition, remodeling, or alteration of use of any building, structure or development of land or portion thereof. Zoning permits are also required for all fences and accessory structures such as sheds.

What items can I take to the mulch pile recycling center?
Yard trimmings such as branches, leaves and grass are permitted, as well as Christmas trees.  No boards, stumps, treated wood, metal or garbage of any kind.  Mulch pile times and regulations are posted on the sign by the gate at the enterance.

You must be a resident of Loyalsock Township to use the mulch pile.


How do I schedule for a township employee to load mulch onto my vehicle?
You must contact the Loyalsock Township Office one (1) day in advance to schedule an appointment.

The days and times are May 26 - September 3, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6:15am -6:45am and between 2:00pm - 2:30pm. All other dates, Tuesdays and Thursday between 7:00am -7:30am and 2:30pm - 3:00pm

The price to load mulch is $10.00 for a pickup truck, $20.00 for a dump truck, $30.00 for a tri-axle, or $50.00 for a tractor-trailer.

If you wish to load mulch yourself there is no charge but you must be a Loyalsock Township Resident.

 How often do septic systems need to be pumped?
Loyalsock Township requires all septic systems be pumped by a licensed pumper/hauler every 5 years. Landowners of property served by a small flow sewage facility must have their systems pumped once every 3 years. A $25.00 permit is required BEFORE PUMPING and can be obtained at the township office during normal business hours.


Is alcohol permitted on park grounds?
No alcohol, drugs, or weapons of any kind are permitted on Loyalsock Township park property.