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 Loyalsock Township Tax Collector

The office of Tax Collector is an elected office, with a four year term of office. Dorothy " Dottie"  White was elected to this office in 1998, was re-elected in 2002,2004  and her current term runs until December 31, 2009. Please read her biography.

The tax office is located at 2132 Northway Rd., across from the swimming pool 1/4 mile north of Four Mile Dr. All Real Estate taxes for Loyalsock Township ( County, Township and School)are collected at this office.

Tax News:

Beginning January 1, 2005 Lycoming County went to a 100% assessed value system.  This means the market value and the assessed value are now the same number. During the spring and summer of 2004, the entire County went through a re-assessment of property value.  This value, multiplied by the millage rate of each municipality, equals the face amount of the tax.  


Current millage rates are:

Lycoming County: 4.75 mills

Loyalsock Township: 0.7 mills

Loyalsock School: 13.1  mills 


The County and Township Real Estate taxes are issued on the same bill in Loyalsock.  This is generally a blue bill and issued the first week of March.  The School Real Estate Taxes are issued the first week of July, and this is generally a white bill.


Per Capita taxes, which were on a pink bill, were eliminated beginning January 1, 2005.